About Us

In 2011, our firm was founded as Information Technologies partner, which aims 100% customer satisfaction with a continuous, reliable, and solution oriented perspective by unifying the 14 years of Technology Solution experience.

We sensitively build customized, scalable and recycling IT solutions on customer basis. We provide the suitable and required leading technology solution to our customers with our qualified staff.

Why Aeris?

With our expert staff, you can see the difference of Aeris family in all of the processes; from the analysis of the required technology solutions to the adaptation of the right products to the existing structure.

  • Partnership with pacemaker producers
  • Need objective, brand independent, scalable solutions
  • Certified and field experienced staff
  • Professional support and consultancy Services
  • High reachability
  • Need oriented adaptation ability of up-to-date technology solutions

Quality Management

Clearly understood by our customers and staff, which add value to input, and fulfills all the requirements.

  • Has properly scalable and watchable performance,
  • Checks quality at every stage,
  • Registers errors,
  • Constantly improved,
  • Improves instantly, can create a difference with its principles.

In the direction of our company’s objective and principles; we offer competitive products and services together with the continuous growing and development by fulfilling our workers expectations on the highest level and using the resources in the most efficient way.

  • Occupational safety and health is our priority.
  • We value customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Our experienced and participating workers are our most valuable asset.
  • In all of our relations, trust, honesty and work ethic are at front.
  • We ground on continuous improvement and change for competition and reaching perfection.
  • In all of our activities, we are careful not to waste, but protect with expertise.

Our Vision

Providing qualified service, the newest and functional technology product and services and create a difference in the IT sector in this subject with its expertise.

Our Mission

Answering the needs of our customers that we serve in the area of Information Technologies, becoming a preferred technology partner by supporting intrapreneurship and team spirit and reflect that on our work.

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