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İzmit Su İsaş


A Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Participation İzmit Su A.Ş. carries out the management and maintenance operations of Urban and Industrial Water Supply Projects of Kocaeli province. İzmit Su A.Ş continues the responsibility of supplying nonstop and safe drinking water to an approximate population of 1.6 million. Its team, who grounds on sustainable development principles, consists of experts and technicians that are experienced in drinking water purification, dam and conveyance operations.


Water is necessity of life. As İzmit Su A.Ş., while we provide nonstop and quality drinking water to the city, we also serve the mission of sustainable environment and healthy society.


To become the leader and innovative institution of our country who manages the source of life with a sustainable approach and have competent and continuously improving staff who is proud of being part of the family.

Pre-project and Solution

Virtualization technology was used in the existing IT infrastructure of the institution. The hardware systems were old and they consisted products with expired warranty and the critical system Scada Automatization worked on zyxel structure. It also was not in a position where it could step in with backup in case of a disaster.

Within this frame, we told the institution that two different Data Center can be created with DELL EMC solutions in two different buildings in the same location, and in one of the buildings IT infrastructure can be set up and Scada Automatization on the other. We also told them the advantages of getting them operate in synchronicity replication and we planned a structure as part of Business Continuity. Thanks to this structure, it was planned to get all the systems operate in case of a disaster over the other center using DELL EMC Recovery Point product between the two data centers created.

The process was completed successfully with the works carried out in the location by Aeris Technology Solutions expert tech-team. At the end of the project, the data center modernization was completed using up-to-date IT product and solutions.


İzmit Su A.Ş


Manufacture Public-Private

Product and Services

  • DELL R730 Servers
  • DELL EMC Unity 300 Data Storage Systems
  • DELL EMC Data Domain Disc Backup System
  • DELL EMC Recovery Point Replication Solution
  • VMWARE Virtualization System