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Kale Aerospace Industry Inc.

About Kale Group;

Kale Group was founded together with Çanakkale Ceramic Factories Inc. in 1957. In its half a century adventure, it leaded the foundation of the ceramic sector and became a world’s giant with the investments in this area.

By making investment to accretive and new sectors every passing year, it is not only one of Turkey’s but also Europe’s most important and successful groups in the sectors of machine and component manufacturing, defense, chemistry, electric materials, energy, informatics and transportation. The group has 17 companies that are leaders in their fields. It is among the important industry establishments of Turkey which operates with more than 5.000 workers and has factory and trademark investments in Italy and especially Çanakkale and other locations in Turkey.

Today, it is Europe’s 3rd and the world’s 12th biggest ceramic tile manufacturer. In the construction chemicals sectors as production and sales capacity, it is Turkey’s 1st and Europe’s 5th company. Also, as being a 100% private equity Turkish company, it has an international reputation regarding defense and animal breeding. It is an enterprise system that brings together Kale products with customers in 100 countries and over 400 points around the world.

Pre-project and Solution

How important is continuity for kale Aero which manufactures wings and body for one of world’s biggest projects joint strike fighter F-35 and one of America’s leading brands Boing?

As a result of explorations and checks that are done for Kale Aerospace data center improvement project, the products with expired support package, nearly expired and inadequate support package according to the critical duty were identified.

For our aim of Service and Warranty Management from a single point to quickly react the possible problems that may occur without affecting the work flow; we reported the inventory details, warranty status, suitable service options and risk analysis to our customer.

After the approval of the project, we provided fast solution and maximum customer satisfaction with only one contact number without dealing with problems like supplying the defective component and high servicing costs.


Kale Aerospace Industry Inc.



Product and Services

  • HP Service & Maintenance Services (HP professional Contract Agreement)
  • Data Center Inventory Control
  • Warranty Period Checks Risk Analysis Operation