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Meksa Investment Securities Inc.

About Meksa;

Meksa Investment Securities Inc. was founded on 28th of June, in 1990 and received the title “Meksa Investment Securities Inc. in 1998”.

Meksa Investment, which is one of the leading brokerage house that operates in BIST, provides extensive brokerage services to its personal and enterprise customers.

Meksa Investment provides extensive capital market brokerage services to its personal and enterprise customers with 5 branches and 5 contact offices around the country.

Meksa operates as extensively authorized brokerage house with the required law no. 32992422-200.E.12934 dated 30.11.2015 of Capital Market Board.

Pre-project and Solution

The redundancy of the e-mail systems that work within Meksa had a critical importance due to SPK (Capital Market Board) regulations. E-mails that were managed on more than one domain name and contained the obligation of keeping a sustainable backup had been creating a complex structure day by day.

As a result of the comeback analysis that were carried out for the planned investment, it was decided to advance with Microsoft Office 365 after the costs of Microsoft Exchange server instillation, configuration, maintenance, license and energy consumption were calculated.

After the moving process was planned, the operations started in a week. All the e-mails that were in the old e-mail systems (POP3) were transferred to the new structure. The new e-mail system was identified to all users’ computers.

The structure was made manageable from a single point, safe and backupable. The mobility, redundancy and easiness of management aimed in this project were successfully provided with Microsoft Office 365 product family.


Meksa Investment Securities Inc.



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