Palmet Energy Inc.

Microsoft Software Asset Management (SAM)

Palmet Energy Inc.

About Palmet;

PALMET Corporate Group has been in the field since 1984. It entered the energy sector in the 90s with the natural gas pipeline operations that had been started around Turkey. Together with the foundation of Energy Market Regulatory Board (EMRB) in 2001, it officially became one of the first investors of energy with PALGAZ and PALEN group companies by winning the Natural Gas Distribution License tender of the cities of Gebze and Erzurum.

Today, the operations that PALMET ENERGY carries out are;

  • Intra-city natural gas distribution (Gebze and Erzurum),
  • Natural gas (LNG) import and wholesale,
  • Power generation,
  • Power Trade,

Pre-project and Solution

Due to their multisite structure, Palmet was having a difficulty creating user inventory. So they preferred Aeris Technology Solutions for 2016 SAM operation.

Aeris shared the inventory created with Palmet Energy Union IT unit after checking the products owned and making the reports with hard work.

When Sam operation was completed, Palmet Energy had an inventory about the users and the products being used in the existing structure.

As a result of the negotiations with the IT unit, Palmet Energy, which was using SQL as database app, decided to update SQL server in the existing structure and continue with it.

As a result of the works that were done, Microsoft sent a SAM Certificate valid for one year to Palmet Energy.


Palmet Energy Inc.



Product and Services

  • Microsoft Sam Operation
  • SQL Server Enterprise
  • Microsoft Consultancy Services
  • Moving Services
  • Support Services