With SAM operation, we helped providing the requirements of ISO 27001 and 19770 standards


There was a need of reporting the licenses used and restocking in Astaş headquarter and its factory. The existing structure was analyzed with SAM. The software in use was checked and it was analyzed regarding how much it responds to the needs of the users. An effective operation was carried out with Microsoft tools used in SAM operation. At the end of the operation, we moved Astaş to the appropriate licensing model. The requirements of ISO 27001 and ISO 19770 were provided.

With SAM operation, we checked our licenses, did the license analysis, and created a platform where we can choose the appropriate products in the direction of our future needs.

Hakan Öncel
Astaş IT Manager

Job Specification:

Astaş Alimünyum San. Tic. A.Ş, which has been operating in the Turkish aluminum profile sector since 1974, is one of the pioneers and leaders of the sector. It has an integrated facility with a production capacity of 24.000 tons per-year in its factory located in Çorlu, Tekirdağ and headquarter located in Yeşilköy, İstanbul.


Astaş Microsoft Partner Aeris Technology Solutions examined the existing structure, headquarter and the factory connections and the user profiles. The needs were specified after the existing license documentation was checked. After the software check on the devices that were already in use in Astaş IT infrastructure, it was analyzed how much they responded to the user’s needs. In the next level, the unused software and the required software were determined. Since the monitored software inventory was analyzed and reported by an expert team in the process before SAM operation, the existing picture was brought out. So, the update of the licenses was made with the detailed analysis report provided by Aeris and using Microsoft Open Licensing Model.


Astaş Alüminyum A.Ş IT Manager Hakan Öncel talks about the operation carried out:

“We received consultancy service regarding the analysis of our licenses and positioning the right product after with SAM operation. With the effective Microsoft tools that were used, the operation became very easy. With the suggestions of our partner Aeris who presented us the alternatives of our existing licensing models with their pros and cons, we moved to the right licensing model.

SAM operation, which is one of the steps of ISO 27001 that we planned to add to our global and local standardization certificates that we own, has become the mentor providing the requirements of ISO 197700 that aim to provide followability of software inventory and the stability of the inventory.

We also aim to ensure the continuity in IT software inventory management by consistently carrying out SAM operations in the following years.”

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