Business Intelligence Solutions

Make every user in your business benefit from the data power.

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Let your workers give accurate decisions with new, easy to use analysis tools that smoothly integrates with existing business data, external data and configured big data. Provide your IT with the required tools to make every user in your business benefit from the power of data with analysis solution and a built-in SQL Server, safe and directed business intelligence.


  • With a safe and directed self-service business intelligence, give the opportunity to every worker of data exploration, analyzation and visualization.
  • Expand your in corporate data investments with cloud
  • While protecting data management and security, have fast predictions on all data
  • Provide every worker with mobile reports that flawlessly work on every device by using SQL Server 2016
  • Transform your data into smart actions with the power of built-in improved analysis

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analysis Platforms