Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

With the increase in the usage and access of broadband internet and the development of applicable solutions, Cloud Computing has started to take more space in our life. It can be summed up as keeping or servicing your data on a private structure or in a public area where you can have access through the internet.

Cloud Computing Solutions, which include numerous advantages as low hardware costs, improved performance, low software costs, instant updating, higher storage capacity, improved data security, high and mobile accessibility, are suitable solutions to create cost reduction and easily manageable structures when applied with the right model.

Aeris Technology Solutions is the first authorized partner of Office 365 and partner of Azure, which are among Microsoft Cloud Solution family products. We help you determine the appropriate solutions to your structure, develop solutions and bring it to your use.

Why ?

  • Lowers costs
  • Only pay for the amount that you use.
  • Provides place independent working environment.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Office 365