Enterprise Data Security

Enterprise Data Security

“Security” is one of the areas that Cloud Computing/Cloud Technologies question the most. When your critical systems and the information that create your enterprise memory, are transferred to Cloud Platforms, it makes you anxious in case they become less secured and easily accessible. This causes the company owners worry a great deal.

For example, can third parties access your systems positioned on Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure? Are these systems more insecure than the systems that you locally position?

Different from the individual solutions, corporately purchased Cloud Technologies are provided with an extensive SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Therefore, subjects like compliance with “Access Security”, Regulations and Security Standards, “Data Privacy” secure you with this SLA. The enterprise where you receive this service is getting through extensive security checks periodically.

Systems by Microsoft that do threat analysis and provide reports like Advanced Threat Analysis (ATA), integrate with systems presented with Office 365 that provide e-mail security like Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and this helps you create an end to end security strategy.

As Aeris, on the side of Data security with Cloud technologies, we adjust these structures to your organization and carry out the delivery, and with respect to support, we take the Enterprise Data Security a step forward.

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