Microsoft SAM

What is SAM?

Software Asset Management (SAM) is the best application, which includes a range of proven operation and procedure in order to manage and optimize your enterprise’s IT assets. Applying SAM, you protect your software investments and identify what you have, where they work and weather your enterprise uses its assets productively.

SAM can help you on the subjects below:

Controlling costs and business risks for more powerful and healthy financial position

Optimizing the existing investments so you can do more with what you have.

Thanks to increased flexibility and speed, growing in terms of size and self-sufficiency in the direction of your enterprise’s needs.

SAM Applications

Applying the four basic steps below, you can use SAM in your enterprise: Growth

Take inventory Learn what you have.

Get organized. Organize all of your software licenses and documents.

Creating policies and procedures. Create new standards and policies at every stage of software life cycle.

Protecting your SAM plan. Keep your SAM plan up-to-date throughout the checks, inventories and trainings that you will do.