Work Stations

Work Stations

Industry leader Workstations for Industry-Leader Professionals

With Workstations, you can have memory, storage, hard drive, ssd disc and raid configurations that you need in the areas of performance and authenticity; you can go beyond the standards in the designed systems for meeting the unordinary requirements.

Workstations provide the possibility of design that does not require tools for assembly and disassembly, hidden cables, easy service, efficiency and expansion. Therefore, it is designed to embody the right size and functions.

Why Workstations

  • Professional Graphic Cards
    Workstations support professional 2D and extraordinary 3D, next generation AMD and NVIDA video cards, which have a wide range. It can operate the challenging visual workloads with multiple high-level graphics and GPU calculation hardware acceleration card.
  • The top processing power
    High performance multiple-core Intel® Xeon® processors are being made and tested by Intel for server and workstation class challenging applications. When you need, on double socket workstations, you can reach 24 cores with a second processor processing power. This way, on you works, actions are finalized separately with performance.
  • ECC Memory (RAM)
    Memory errors can occur anywhere and anytime with very bad results up to system crush in the middle of a very important operation. ECC memory is used on desktops workstations to diagnose and fix the temporary errors in the memory system while working by protecting data integrity.