Turkey's first HP Classroom Manager project was realized with Aeris Technology by the Yenidoğu Educational Institutions.


About Yenidoğu Schools;

Yenidoğu is an educational institution that carries out studies of hypothesis and exercise on many parts of the education sector. Its main operation field is to do R&D operations in the areas of teaching philosophy, teaching programs, teaching material and technologies and teacher training, and based on these parameters, to create a ground for opening primary and secondary schools.

The education philosophy of Yenidoğu is based on “one should know himself” as the starting point of how someone can manage himself. Its focus is to put the philosophy of “Knowledge means to know yourself”, as Yunus Emre said, into practice. In this aspect, Yenidoğu aims to raise a generation who lives the national and moral values at the highest level, is aware of one’s skills and improve these skills, can analytically think, learns, loves, and can communicate with everyone in the community at the highest level.

Pre-project and Solution

Yenidoğu was looking for an interactive education system for the needs like managing and inspecting the personal systems that they open to common share (Lab, Library etc.) centrally, teaching from a single point and presenting.

Aeris Technology Solutions performed demos with the HP Classroom Manager product, which is in the product group of HP Personal Systems – Education Technologies solution. As a result, Yenidoğu Schools decided to use these products. Thanks to the solution, Yenidoğu manages the operations of managing, inspecting and applying in all the labs and libraries from one center.

We built a structure using HP Enterprise and HP Personal Systems, therefore we provided a full integration and created a manageable and trackable IT infrastructure. We carried out an end-to-end solution by getting the teachers to use HP X2 G2 10 tablets at the end point of the systems.


You can see the interview on page 20-21 of IT Network magazine 25 May-15 June 2017 special edition.

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* HP Classroom Manager

* HP X2 210 G2 Tablet


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